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TagMag [TM] Magnetic Car Mount (for iPhone and Android)

14.99 30.00


People are going crazy for this!

Now you can instantly pop your phone on and off your dashboard!

Why do people love the TagMag [TM] Magnetic Car Mount?

1. Keep your phone visible at all times.
2. Prevent your phone from getting lost around corners.
3. Instantly pop your phone on and off your dashboard!
4. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face
5. Your friends are sure to comment on your good taste!
6. Designed for safety with our own blend of Natural and Eco-friendly Materials
7. Lead, BPA and Mercury free
8. 100% high attraction factor, trendy and stylish
9. Removes all the regular frustrations, designed to be simple and elegant.
10. Lots of super happy customers, because you are ALWAYS our #1 priority!

Package Includes:

1x TagMag [TM] Magnetic Car Mount
(You will also get 1 additional bonus gift worth $10, limit one per customer)