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Quartza Crystal Ball Lens

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Capture gorgeous photos with the Quartza Crystal Ball Lens -- this is the Quartza Ball that photographers and travellers are raving about worldwide! 

1. Create amazingmagical and unique photographs that are sure to impress!
2. The Hard Quartza Crystal surface is scratch resistant and durable
3. Portable and easy to store

How To Create Stunning Photographs:

1. Find a beautiful scene that you wish to capture
2. Place the Quartza Crystal Ball Lens on the ground, or interesting surface
3. Point the camera at the center of the Quartza Crystal Ball Lens, and take a shot -- it is sure to create a gorgeous photo that will impress your friends!

(Warning: Use caution in the sun as the lens can have a strong magnifying effect. Please store safely!) 


The Quartza Legend

Some say the Quartza Crystal Ball is made from crystals dating to ancient times, carrying good luck and new opportunities to the one who owns it. 

Sizes: 3.15" (80mm), 2.36" (60mm)

Package Includes:
1 x Quartza Crystal Ball Lens