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Pro Selfie Light 2.0 (w/ USB charging)

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Professional photographers and instagram celebrities use the Pro Selfie Light 2.0 to transform their photos:

  • Get sharp vibrant eyes in any lighting contition
  • Instantly corrects for smoother more natural looking skin
  • Remove unwanted shadows and imperfections
  • Take pro photos in any lighting condition.


1. Brand New LED Ring Light made of new durable carbon materials.

2. High Bright Fill Light: Creates perfect portait shooting

3. Three levels of brightness: Easily adjust depending on your setting

4. Long lasting LED power: Powered by a built in Lithium Battery

5. Easy Charging: You can easily recharge it with the included Micro USB charging cable.

6. Portable: Lightweight and portable, easy to slip in your pocket or bag. Add it to your phone in just one clip!

7. Works on any smartphone: Use it for iPhone, Android, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro and all other phones.

8. Multifunction: This is not just an LED light just for selfies, it can also be:

  • Used as an emergency light
  • Wave it to the dance beats at a dance party
  • A flash light for night.
  • Take celebrity quality photos in any lighting condition.

Package Includes:

1 x Selfie Light (with built-in battery)
1 x USB Charging Cable
Specs: Size: 6.5 x 4.5 1.5 cm, 250mAh-3.7v Lithium Battery, 5600K Lighting