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Obsidian Pyramid Healing Crystal (Designed by the Ancients)

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(Not sold in stores)

People are going crazy for this! This is the perfect trendy gift for you or a friend. 

Why do people love the Obsidian Pyramid Healing Crystal?

1. Resonate with the ancients with this pure obsidian pyramid!
2. Beautiful crystal with a naturally lustrous surface
3. Perfect for beautiful and mysterious home decor
4. An excellent gift for family, friends for good wishes
5. You can also take this along with you when you seek to increase your luck!
6. Your friends are sure to comment on your good vibes and taste!
7. 100% high attraction factor, trendy and stylish
8. Removes all the regular frustrations of maintaining your own healing pyramid, designed to be simple and elegant.
9. Material: Obsidian, Color: Black, Size:40*40*30mm
10. Lots of super happy customers, because you are ALWAYS our #1 priority!

Package Includes:

1x Obsidian Pyramid Healing Crystal
(You will also get 1 additional bonus gift worth $10, limit one per customer)