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MyCubo [TM] Wood Alarm Clock (2-in-1)

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(Not sold in stores)

People are going crazy for this! With this wood alarm clock, now you can wake up in style!

Why do people love the MyCubo [TM] Wood Alarm Clock?

1. Beautiful, peaceful and elegant design
2. Friends will admire your good taste in home decor
3. Works with 12 or 24 hour time
4. Shows temperature and time
5. Easy Voice activation: You can now set it to wake up the display with your voice or clapping.
6. Specs: Stylish Wood Cube, works with USB or Battery 
7. Harmonious wood design to match your beautiful decor

Package Includes:

1 x MyCubo [TM] Wood Alarm Clock (2-in-1)
1 x Cable