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Magic Insta Brush 2.0 (2-in-1)

19.99 39.99


(Magic Insta Brush 2.0 is not sold in stores)

People are going crazy for this! Now you can finish cleaning in half the time!

Why do people love Magic Insta Brush 2.0?

1. Smart time saver, makes you 2x as productive
2. New multi-purpose cleaning brush for Dishes, Pans, Pots, Stove tops and more!
3. It can also be used as a handy Knife Sharpener.
4. Impress your friends with a clean kitchen and home, with minimal effort
5. Specs: 5.51" x 3.14", New nano design
6. Save $100.00s on wasted cloth and scrub brushes. No more wasting cloth or harming the environment
7. No more time wasted
8. No more stubborn dirt
9. Gets your life back!

Package Includes:

1 x Magic Insta Brush 2.0