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Colorful Mens Socks - 5 Pair (Ultra Durable) Reg. $49.99, On Sale Today for $29.99 Limited Supply

29.99 49.99


Bring out a dash of Color with these New stylish & ultra durable carbon fibre socks!

No more holes:

These socks will last 43% longer than most store bought brands, due to our super durable carbon fibre thread design.* 

Let your feet breathe better:

Your feet need to breathe properly to keep the moisture & bacteria out -- these socks have built in ventilation due to our specialized carbon fibre thread design.* -- Your feet will thank you!

Lower your foot discomfort:

Our comfortable socks will keep your feet, soles and ankles feeling better, you deserve it.*

*The "secret" to our ultra durable & super comfy socks: 

It all comes down to science! After years of work, we have invented a special carbon fibre formula consisting of 80% G. Hirsutum Cotton, 17% DTY Carbon Nylon and our 3% Elastane X -- making our socks among the most durable, bacteria free & comfortable socks available on the market today.

Because we thought socks shouldn't be embarrassing -- Socks should be stylish & fun!

Get yours today & save $20! Limited Supply