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Amplified Mushroom Bluetooth Speaker, Designed by Arnold (For All Phones and Laptops)

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(Not sold in stores)

People are going crazy for this! This is the perfect trendy gift for you or a friend. 

Why do people love the Amplified Mushroom Bluetooth Speaker, Designed by Arnold?

  1. Speaker attaches to any smooth surface such as the back of your phone.
  2. Generates Accurate, Amplified, High Quality HD sound reproduction for a great listening experience with 40mm drivers
  3. Wireless range up to 30 feet / 10m
  4. Supports hands-free calls with microphone (when away from phone)
  5. Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery.
  6. Supports 99% of bluetooth-enabled devices, such as mobile phones, laptop computers, car audio systems etc.
  7. Great social listening experience for Youtube, Netflix, Spotify.
  8. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face
  9. Your friends are sure to comment on your good taste!
  10. Designed for safety with our own blend of Durable, Natural and Eco-friendly Materials
  11. Lead, BPA and Mercury free
  12. Specs: Size: 40mm, Transmission Range: 10m, Charging Time: 2 hours, Built-in Lithium Battery: 3.7V / 280mAh
  13. 100% high attraction factor, trendy and stylish
  14. Removes all the regular frustrations with bluetooth speakers, Designed to be simple and elegant.
  15. Lots of super happy customers, because you are ALWAYS our #1 priority!


Package Includes:

1x Amplified Mushroom Bluetooth Speaker, Designed by Arnold
1x USB Charging Cable
(You will also get 1 additional bonus gift worth $10, limit one per customer)